Learned love from Sacrifice


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(1/1) Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow: “Fallaces sunt rerum species.” … “It means you can either drive yourself home or I can have you collected.”

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"Mystique … to what do I owe the pleasure?"

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I’ve had better weeks. You?


      Much the same. But things can only improve. 

Can’t get much worse.

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"Be careful what you wish for … that seems to be their goal." She muttered beneath her breath, cleaning off the knife before she handed it back to him. She dropped the tracker, stamping it beneath the heel of her trainer, just as she’d done with his comm.

Natasha pushed through the door ahead of them, gesturing for him to follow, “We found a loose thread, we pulled it … turns out it had been holding up a ton of bricks.” She pursed her lips into a tight line, letting the door swing shut behind him, “We found a building at Camp Leigh that shouldn’t have been there … we found some things there, by the time we realised we were being stalled, the birds were already over our heads.”

"Fuckin joy." He growled, stuffing the knife back into his pocket, taking a step, thinking a moment, and slicing open his shoulder, pulling out a second little pill. "That one, I didn’t know about until it just went off. We probably wanna be scarce really really soon." He ground it into dust beneath his foot, following her.

"Honestly, it’s not like I’m a lost dog, I know how to find my way back. And I can even talk, too. So much better then a dog. Like a trained attack parrot. That’s a thing, right? Attack parrots?"

She let the door shut behind him, walking on a couple of paces before she ground to a halt - a hand raking over her face; nets were closing, being pulled tight. Experience told her to jump ship and swim, but she’d sunk all her lifeboats.

"I don’t have any other places, Clint … this is my last safehouse that’s off the grid. My covers are gone, I have no aliases to rely on."

I try to imagine my life without her, and all I see is pain …and heartbreak. But a least I’ll be the only one feeling it.

I try to imagine my life without her, and all I see is pain …and heartbreak. But a least I’ll be the only one feeling it.


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